Diary of a Fat Girl

The 17 Day Diet Journal Day 6

Diary of a Fat Girl – Day 259

Weight: 236 lbs.

There it is; the 1-pound weight gain for cheating on this diet. I was in full retaliation gear yesterday. I was tired of all of the vegetables. I felt hungry, and I no longer wanted another salad. I still feel this way today, which was evident when I chose rice with broccoli and cheese for dinner tonight.

After stuffing my face with the tasty goodness of salt, I placed my empty bowl on the coffee table next to the 17 Day Diet book. An immediate thought had occurred to me to pick up the book and chuck it at the television. But, as I held the book mid-way in the air, my eyes settled on my pocket calendar that had lain hidden under the book. I suddenly realized that all of my pent-up frustration and anger with this diet was not about this diet.

Next week is the start of my menstrual cycle. Which means this week, I am in full PMS swing. I suffer from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). The week before my menstruation wrecks havoc on my body and rains torture on my family. I sleep more and am happy less. Every word someone speaks to me becomes a battle against wills, and every other word I say is a curse word.

Yep, you said it!

Today, I apologize to the food industry for my harsh criticism yesterday. However, you must admit I have a few valid points there.

I lowered my book and decided now was the time to look into the PMS section of this diet. Reading about other foods I could have during this diet made me feel better. For example, during PMS, I can have a slice of whole grain bread and an extra fruit, including high-sugar fruits such as bananas.

I was ready to quit this diet yesterday, but I have a drive inside of me to complete it. I still ate my Keifer smoothie this morning and had my salad for lunch, and each day I will continue to try to make it work.

Eleven more days and I can have my potatoes again.