The Writer's Life

Priorities, Procrastination and People

Yesterday was the third meeting of my writer’s group for the Blue Water Area.  We had a great turn-out.  I had an SC4 student interested in the meetings, but her classes are on Mondays, and she wasn’t able to make it to last night’s meeting.  As a group, we decided that Thursdays would work out better for us and hopefully our SC4 student will be able to attend.

Meeting new people has always proved interesting.  I like using labels to describe people without giving their real names so I may be able to protect their identities.  The labels I will use are the words these individuals have used in the meeting to describe themselves.  Mr. A-type Personality had introduced himself to me over the phone two weeks prior to the meeting.  It was a very engaging conversation and I was thrilled to see that he had arrived last night.  He is a poet who likes to take his time with his work to shape and mold it as an artist would shape and mold clay.  Mrs. Artist is a Graphic Designer who had dreamed of a character with special powers.  The idea had stuck with her until she could no longer contain herself and decided to write a children’s book.  She has become the embodiment of artist turned writer and illustrator.  Ms. Procrastinator is a single mother who is working on her first novel and struggles with daily obligations to her family and her job.  Then there was my husband, which we all know as Mr. Elliott.  He is a fun-loving and sociable individual who has had a desire to write, but lacks the focus to get it all on paper.

Mrs. Published Paranormal, and cohort in the development of this group, was ill and not able to attend the meeting, and Ms. O, whom we met last week had enlightened us with her years published articles, was missing in action.  Both were terribly missed from the group and I hope to see them, again, in the future.

It was an interesting group and I think I got my objective across to others.  Mr. A-type Personality seemed a bit disturbed that there was little emphasis on critiquing.  I agree that I still like to have some critiquing, but do not want to focus the entire time on criticism.  My purpose for this group was to form strong and steady bonds with fellow writers as a tool for networking and lasting friendships.  I am happy about the interest that has taken place for this group and I hope that it continues to grow. 

In the meantime, my own writing has suffered.  I’m not sure if it’s because I have engrossed myself in decorating my new place, spending time with family, or just good old procrastination rearing its ugly head.  I took a mental inventory of all the things I have to write.  I can now say, compared to nearly two years ago, that I have an abundance of ideas.  I have 4 interviews in que waiting to be transcribed and written for Slanted Faces.  I have another potential article to pitch to the Thumb Print News.  I have two more entries for Diary of a Fat Girl to write.  I have two novels to finish, and I have several more novels and articles sitting in my idea journal waiting to be written.

Maybe it’s a feeling of being overwhelmed that keeps me away from the keyboard.  I can honestly say that with the move to my new home, I have been overwhelmed with the piles of boxes that I had to unpack, clean, and organize.  These metaphorical boxes have now become the files on my hard drive; waiting to be unpacked, cleaned, and organized.  At the end of the day, I just want to sit back and play; whether it would be facebooking, watching television, reading a book, or playing with my cats.  Maybe I should just change my morning routine to make writing the priority after breakfast, and then I could finish my ever-expanding things-to-do lists; leaving me time to play at the end of the day.