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The 17 Day Diet Journal Day 7

Diary of a Fat Girl – Day 260

I had a Writing Day with my friend, Debi, today. We set our laptops on her dining room table and encouraged each other while we wrote. Sometimes, we laughed at each other as we giggled about our own writings. I shared my struggles with this diet, and she gave it to me straight.

“It’s only ten more days. Quit whining,” Debi said.

“I know I’m such a big fat baby,” I cried.

“You’re not fat!”

We burst at the seams as I realized I was a big baby about this ordeal. But, it is a good diet. The 17 Day Diet is full of wholesome foods that are good for your body, and it’s everything that I have been working toward for the last year; slowly integrating healthy food and escaping unhealthy foods.

It all started after I read the Fertility Diet released after the Nurses Health Study. I learned valuable things from that book regarding my health. I quit eating red meat and switched to 100% whole grains. As a result, my blood pressure no longer took residence at the borderline, and my husband is now medication free for his blood pressure. Before this, I was already eating fruits and vegetables, but I had learned to switch to fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid the preservatives, high sugar, and high sodium content in canned goods.

Then a year later, I learned of hormones injected into chicken and other livestock; and from one of my favorite companies. These hormones were killing my menstruation cycles. I became a vegetarian.

Before this diet, I was already eating whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, no trans-fat (partially hydrogenated oils), nuts, pasta, rice, eggs, fish, cheese, and milk products. Of course, I had the occasional junk food. Well, okay, I had ice cream.

Now, I’m learning to also watch out for the sodium and carbohydrates in the products I purchase. I discovered why I splurged as I did, and it was because I was not snacking enough on vegetables throughout the day. I felt like I was starving, and it was because I wasn’t getting my fill during snack times. Eating vegetables with my fruit and probiotic servings for a snack was an integral part of feeling full.

I hope my wallet can hold out for ten more days.