Diary of a Fat Girl

Extreme Weight Loss Edition – The First Week

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Day 1 of my Extreme Makeover Weight Loss and I am geared up and ready to go.

I stayed up late last night so that I could work on the program.  When I woke, I hopped out of bed and made breakfast.  My husband awoke, sauntered down the stairs and leaned on the back of the couch where I sat eating my bowl of cereal.  I told my husband that it was time to loose this weight once and for all.  He agreed with me and was eager to see the material I had created. 

Once he had given it a once over, he said, “Sounds like that Extreme Makeover Weight Loss edition.”

“That’s exactly what I was going for!”  My excitement was boiling over whileSalemflicked his black tail behind my head waiting for his chance to lap up any spilled milk.

“She’s trying to kill us!” Richie said as he glanced over at our cat. Salem cocked his head to one side and looked at my husband.  A tiny voice inside my head rang out and I thought I could hear the cat reply, “Not me, fat boy!”

Day 2 

It’s too hot and my air conditioner will not keep it cool enough in the house to exercise.  My body could use a day of rest, anyway.  I just hope that this heat doesn’t last too long.

Day 3 

Temps pushing triple digits… I’m smoldering.  Maybe I’ll just lie here on the couch and…zzzzzz.

Day 4 

TRIPLE DIGIT DAY!  TRIPLE DIGIT DAY!  The sweat is pouring off of me as I think about what to type next.  This exercise plan is failing in these extreme temperatures.  Oh… I get it… extreme weight loss…NO WAY!  How about extreme irrational thinking?  I probably sweated off a pound just typing this entry!

Day 5 

It is much cooler, but still hot considering that we are teetering just below the triple digits.  I shopped for groceries today.  Stopped at a fast food place prior to shopping, then bought chips, dip, crackers, cheese spreads, ice cream, chocolate, and my vegetarian patties.  Maybe I should have made a shopping list.   Where did my rational thoughts go?

Day 6 

I think I gained a pound or two on all the junk foods I ate over the weekend.  We attended the Blue Water Fest during the Mackinac Boat Race weekend.  We could not resist those Elephant Ears and Nachos.  I was near heat exhaustion all weekend.  I wish I could afford a gym membership at this time of year.  At least I could escape the heat into air conditioning and still be able to work out.

Day 7 

One week, and I have failed at my goal.  I kept the routine on the fridge and I think I will try, again.  Hmm, it’s not too late!  Maybe I will get another routine in before the end of the week.