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Listen To Your Doctor’s Advice!

A phenomenon has occurred!

In my desperate attempt to conquer Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I would resort to many things for regulation of my menstrual cycle.  I switched to whole grains, added supplements, and eliminate meats from my diet.  I even consulted a physician who prescribed birth control pills while I was planning for pregnancy!

I thought vegetarianism was working for my cycle regulation and blamed my lack of a cycle on the fast food that I had once or twice that month.  Mass produced meat was only half to blame.  One factor that I did not take into account (and maybe it was because I refused to see it or simply was not aware that it played that big of a role) was my sugar intake.  There has been research that states a woman’s sugar level in her body could play a role in having PCOS.  I just simply shrugged it off and thought more whole grains!

As a sugar addict, I refuse to give up my chocolate bars and ice cream.  Even my attempt with the 17 day diet was an utter fail during my PMS phase.

Recently, my husband and I had the honor of his daughters’ seven week visit this summer.  An honor that we look forward to every year, and one that takes a toll on our pocket book when these girls are in their growth spurts.  As it is, our youngest became a woman and both girls grew out of their clothes and shoes by the end of their visit.  Due to the strenuous pains in our wallets, we had to buy cheap and ration out the food.  That meant very little snack items, including my sugary sweets.  It also meant that we were back to eating meat; hot dogs, hamburgers, and bologna.  Yep!  All processed meats and much cheaper to feed a household of four than vegetarian meals.

So, if I was back to eating meat, then why am I cycling regularly now?  The answer was the major reduction with my sugar intake.  It’s been a week since our sad good-byes to our beautiful darlings, and I still cycled this month.

Is it that easy?  Just cut out the sugar all together and then I will be able to get pregnant?  Can I do that?

I seriously need to find a new addiction!

8 thoughts on “Listen To Your Doctor’s Advice!”

  1. Stacy, ouch about caffeine!

    In general, Sugar Busters is good advice, and I can also recommend the Palm Beach diet cookbook (not the diet itself necessarily, as it focuses entirely too much on removing all the saturated fats, which is not needed if you remove the sugar). The cookbook has loads of fantastic ideas though! Also, you can replace too-refined “fast” starches with things like beans, lentils, quinoa and Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes, topinambours). Root celery is another good low-starch and sugar root vegetable.

    And, you can do it. And once you’ve done it, you can enjoy the little bits of sugar (the occasional really nice pastry, or ice cream) as indulgence, and not as a means of satisfying the need – which is much, much nicer!

  2. I realized some years ago that I was taking in way too much sugar and tried to find a way to kick the habit. I found a book called Sugar Busters and followed the advice in that book. Not only did I cut the sugar, I lost 3 clothing sizes at the same time. Looking back on it now, and knowing that I am intolerant of gluten, I’m thinking that the reduction of grain based foods played a part in that loss as well. Regardless, that book taught me how to cut sugar without crashing, craving, or falling off the wagon.

    Good luck in your endeavors!!

  3. I suggest caffeine! With loads of cream, no sugar (well, maybe a bit of sweetner if you must)! Dusted with cinnamon and cocoa for extra luxury!

    Seriously, as a sugar-sensitive person, I have gone round and round and there is no way around this – sugar is bad for me and the more I avoid it, the less I weigh and the better I feel. And I imagine it doesn’t do the endocrine system any favors either. So, stick to it and good luck!

    1. Great advice, but I happen to be caffeine sensitive, too. LOL

      Eventually, I will get the knack of it. Just like any other drug, this addiction is a nasty habit to kick! Thank you for the encouragement and it will be of great help along the way! 🙂

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