Journeys Through Meditation

Choosing to Believe in the Power of Positive Thinking

“On choices – You are free to believe what you choose, and what you do attests to what you believe.” – Meditations From A Course In Miracles

I chose to skip a few pages because I cannot meditate peacefully if my mind conflicts with the words on the page. As a result of this decision, I settled “on choices.”

I kept a quiet vigil, allowing these words to settle within my conscious thoughts. Then, lightly touch my unconscious musings.

If I believed that a chair would keep me from falling to the floor and I sat on it, the chair would hold me up. It’s just like the picture on the opposite page. A man is holding his hand over his head to touch the ice sheet forming a cavern. He believed that the ice would not crumble and bury him alive. As he walked under it, he could testify that it indeed remained as it was. I imagine that if it had cracked or crumbled, it would have attested to his lack of faith in the sturdiness of this sheet of ice.

This concept helped to solidify my belief in positive thinking. I noticed that in the past couple of years, I had let negative thoughts dominate my life. It led to an unhappy work life, a job loss, trials in my marriage and with my family, and ultimately taking my love of music and writing with it, resulting from a miserable self-loathing loaf. I guess that’s why I started this meditation journey. I wanted to find the positive, self-reassuring woman I once was—the one who inspired others with her carefree spirit and positive life-affirming ways with humorous antidotes.

I know that I will not change overnight. After all, it took years to get to this place, and it will take longer to reach the peace I seek deep within my soul. I need to choose to believe in myself!