Journeys Through Meditation

Finding Forgiveness and Leaving the Past Behind

“On letting go of the past – Forgive the past and let it go, for it is gone.” – Meditations From A Course In Miracles

This mediation gave me a sense of finality. It is over and done with no more pain.

I have a lot from my past that I need to forgive; everything from friends to work, family, and relationships. It’s tough not to hold a grudge when you don’t forgive people. It’s even tougher to find forgiveness for someone who doesn’t deserve it, even though you have forgiven them time and time again. So I guess I have a lot to forgive and a lot of work to do.

Right now, I’ll start with the most immediate one that affects my home and everyday living. I need to forgive myself before I can even think about forgiving others. I have been the hardest on myself—degrading myself for my appearance, not eating healthy, and allowing toxins to enter my body. In a way, I’ve been neglecting myself physically and emotionally. I don’t allow myself to cry or express love toward others when needed. As a result, I fail to give myself to others when they freely give themselves to me.

Forgiving myself is the first step, and learning to forgive others will quickly follow so that I can do so.