Journeys Through Meditation

The Miracle of Undoing Fear

“On atonement – Miracles represent freedom from fear.  ‘Atoning’ means ‘undoing.’  The undoing of fear is an essential part of the Atonement value of miracles.” – Meditations From A Course In Miracles

“…Miracles represent freedom from fear…”  These words rang out over and over again in my head.  When in thought of the miracle of life, no fear resides as life is created.

It’s like when the chemistry is right, the egg and sperm will join together to create a baby.  Each party has no fear.  They have a mission to seek each other out and if that mission was a success, they divide and conquer the miracle of life.

Some would say I have sex on the brain.  I will not lie.  This is true!

However, while that baby is growing inside a mother’s womb, it doesn’t worry about where its next meal is coming from or how it will keep warm.  It just grows until one magical day where the baby enters the world through the birthing canal of its mother.

Even if the baby doesn’t survive, there is no fear in death for the baby has not learned to fear death; it envelopes this unborn child into a cold embrace.  Mother Nature takes care of everything; whether it is a lonely plant growing on the face of a mountain or a tree sap appearing among cooled lava rocks.  We need not fear because out of death and destruction the miracle of life is strong enough to conquer all fears and survive.

For atonement, I need to undo my fears so that I can see and value of the miracles that are happening all around me each day.  The miracle of my beautiful cats, the miracle of friendships and family, and the miracle of the love I have with my husband.