Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

I Just Want My Pants Back

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A fun read if you are into the alcoholic, drugged-out, male version of Sex in the City.  I was never one who could hop onto the chain-smoking, sex-crazed writer’s train.  The City sounds fun to me, but seriously, if a New Yorker’s idea of a good time is to get smashed at every available opportunity then it is not my cup of tea.

This book is not without merits.  David J. Rosen’s writing style creates an easy read and provides up-to-date lingo of the younger generation.  His extensive knowledge on music makes him the best friend of every rock ‘n’ roller.  It gave the reader a first hand glimpse of one man’s perspective on the world around him.  Like every visionary in the world who is stuck at a meager job just to pay rent, Jason Strider permits the reader to experience his shameful walk each morning as he sobers up for another meaningless day on the job.  Afterwards, leading him into a night that spirals downhill and landing him on the doorstep of his aging neighbor.  When he hits rock bottom, he discovers that life’s hard lessons still needed to be learned.

I Just Want My Pants Back is not a book recommended for all ages and deserves an R rating, at least!  However, between its cover resides a simple glimpse into today’s young adult lifestyle, and a passion that stirs their inner longings; a recommended read for those who enjoy a good laugh.