Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

The Weird Sisters

This book is a story about three sisters seeking redemption, responsibility, and love.  Using their mother’s illness as the excuse they were looking for to return home, they find themselves in a small college town where they discover comfort in each other amidst their animosity toward the other.

Each sister was named after a Shakespearian character by their father who was a professor at the college.  Rosalind, the eldest, is the responsible one; taking care of everyone else except for herself.  Bianca, is the middle child.  Her entire childhood she dreamed of escaping the small town to New York City; only to run back home, again.  Cordelia, the youngest and ever-wavering child, walks away from her education moments before completing her degree to wander the earth with no real job.  She soon discovers that responsibility is growing inside of her and returns home.  Sibling Rivalry at its best, each sister finds comfort in the other as they share their secrets and learn that change can be good.

The Weird Sisters was a delightful read.  Intermingled with Shakespearian prose aptly communicated in a book-loving family, it took the reader through the struggles of the modern family and gave a sense of kinship.  Eleanor Brown’s experience with her own sisters shines through this weirdly wonderful novel, and makes me appreciate the sisters that I have.