Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

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Typically, I do not read mysteries.  The genres I like to read are women’s fiction, mainstream fiction, classic literature, and maybe a romance here and a thriller there.  Mysteries have never settled well with me.  They are too predictable and very brief.  However, as I was cataloging books that were given to me, I began to read a companion to The Cat Who… series.  I was intrigued.  Setting the companion aside (and not wanting to spoil the stories), I decided to pick up the very first book of this series.

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards was an easy and quick read.  The difficulty was getting me to read the mystery.  I felt the book was lacking in much needed details and moved too quickly for my taste.  It was as if I had “been there, done that” but with different characters and settings.

Please, do not take my dislike for mysteries as harsh criticism.  Lilian Jackson Braun’s writing talent shined through in The Cat Who Could Read Backwards.  Her style was elegant and her love of cats danced across the pages as she allowed KoKo to entice and indulge the reader’s interests.  Just when I was ready to fall asleep, she woke me up with intense action towards the end as KoKo helped nab a killer (I did say I like the occasional thriller).

For all those mystery fans who have not read The Cat Who… series, run out and pick one up today.  You will be delighted by the whims of this cat and the whiskers of the newspaper reporter.  I may just pick up the second book, as well.  That cat is just too tempting!