Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

The Things We Do For Love

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I think I found my new favorite author.  Kristin Hannah made me laugh, and cry, and laugh some more.  Amidst grief and suffering, her words connected fluidly allowing the reader to dive deep into the characters souls.

Angie Malone is the youngest sister of a family who owns an Italian restaurant.  She struggles with infertility issues, and she is battling the grief of losing her father, an early birth and loss of her daughter, and a divorce from the love of her life.  Lauren Ribido is a young girl seeking love and affection from her distant alcoholic mother.  Together these two characters are joined by a mutual need and end up teaching each other about family and love.

In dealing with my own infertility issues, it was refreshing to read others who experience the same feelings I do; the same heartaches and dashed dreams.  Kristin Hannah had not experienced infertility herself, but she has captured the essence of her friends’ grief with a vivid portrayal through her characters.  This was a book I could not put down, and I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.