Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Rabbit Heart

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I like the occasional sultry romance, and Rabbit Heart, I thought, would be one of the many that I have enjoyed in the past.  After all, an English love affair among London’s high society between the 1400’s to late 1800’s has been my targeted read for years, now. 

When I picked up this book, I thought it would be an intriguing read.  The first two lines on the back read, “Nicollette Caron is every man’s ideal mistress.  Pity, then, that all of her lovers die trying to satisfy her insatiable appetite.”  A great hook to get any romance-loving girl to open the first few pages.  I was not fully prepared for what I had experienced throughout this read.

Rabbit Heart is a unique, dark romance novel.  Nicollette’s lovers die while having sex with her; leaving only a smile on their faces and no battle scars.   She unintentionally kills many lovers and is heartbroken by each occurrence.  Nicollette is then forced to flee her beloved home and finds herself trapped in the same situation to kill, yet, another lover.  A malady our poor lady suffers dearly for.

This book is filled with many sensual encounters as the grief stricken lady takes you on her journey.  She will peak your curiosity as you try to determine what would cause these deadly encounters, and she will tug at your heartstrings as she shares with you her pain and confusion she suffers upon each death.

Rabbit Heart was a good read.  However, I was discouraged a bit when some of the dialogue was not interrupted by movement or thought.  I had to retrace my steps to figure out who was speaking at what times to gain a better perspective on the conversation at hand.  This little flaw aside, I felt the novel was written better than most romance novels I have read in the past.  This was the first novel of Colleen Hitchcock and my hope is that she continues to write more.  She has an eye for the unusual and a talent for the written word.  I would recommend Rabbit Heart to those who love sultry romances mixed with mystery and intrigue.

Well, done, my lady!  Well done!