Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Magic Hour

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Dr. Julia Cates is a well-known Los Angeles psychiatrist whose profession has been in the media light for far too long.  Ellen (Ellie) Barton is Julia’s sister and chief of police in a small Pacific Northwest town. Alice is a “wild child;” abandoned and mute. 

When Alice can no longer control her hunger pains, she escapes the Olympic National Forest to Rain Valley and finds herself the center of attention.  It is Ellie who comes to her aid and Julia who becomes her rescuer.  Intermingled with romance and the mysteries of Alice’s abandonment, Julia and Ellie learn to grow as sisters while Alice steals away with their hearts.

Kristin Hannah tugged at my heartstrings as I read this book.  She moved me from one character to the next with flawless transition.  I could feel each character’s point of view; Alice’s  fear, Ellie’s frustration, and Julia’s determination.  It was beautifully written and a must read for all!