Diary of a Fat Girl

Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge


This week, I have joined SparkPeople, and I am thrilled to announce my participation in the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge.  I have identified a long time ago that I have a problem with sugar.  It is an addiction of mine.  I have also detoxified from sugar and felt wonderful.  I even got rid of those sugar cravings!

However, just like an alcoholic, it just takes one chocolate bar and I am hooked, again.  Taking this challenge will help me to detoxify, once more.

The reasons I am taking this challenge is simple.  I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which doctors believe may be attributed to my sugar intake.  After all, it is linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.  They had given me diabetic medications to regulate my sugar levels, but I tend to be an all natural kind of girl.  I have tested this theory on numerous occasions and have come up with surprising results.  When I eliminate sugars and simple carbohydrates from my diet, my menstrual cycle regulates.  Thus, it gives me a greater opportunity for conception.

Yes, that is right!  I want to concieve a baby.  This is the reason why I chose to hop on board to this challenge.  SparkPeople is full of information and tools that I can use to help me on this long road, and maybe I will finally be able to accomplish a long-standing dream of mine.

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