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100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #97

I am against abortion, except for when pregnancy will result in the loss of a mother’s life.  To me, all babies are sacred no matter where they come from, and if the parents are unable to care for their children, there are plenty of adoptive parents ready and willing to give these children a loving home.  It would take only 9 months out of a woman’s life to carry a baby to full term; a small sacrifice so that a child may live a long and happy life, and an infertile couple could finally achieve their dream of raising a family.



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  1. unfortunately there are not plenty of adoptive parents ready and waiting. the US has hundreds of kids in foster care and the number of kids in orphanages worldwide is staggering. i’m not saying abortion is the answer but that statement shows you are very misinformed.

    1. What you are speaking of is the children who have been removed from their abusive and neglectful homes. There are many adoptive parents out there waiting for an infant in which there are not enough infants in the U.S. to adopt. In turn, they have to look outside the U.S. to other countries to adopt an overseas child, in which most cases are not an infant. It takes a special parent to take on the extra challenge of adopting one who has been abused and neglected since they require extra care for whatever physical and mental disabilities they may have as a result of this abuse. Adopting a child as young as possible helps the parent to create a parent/child bond that is essential in healthy growth. I am not saying that I am against adopting orphaned children. I am, in fact, for it, but the parent must be equiped with a certain set of skills to care for this type of special cases. Sometimes, it comes naturally. Otherwise, these children will be in the same situation that they were once removed from.

      I’m sorry that you feel I have been misinformed, but my information comes from the experience of my friend trying to adopt an infant for over two years and finally rewarded with a child from overseas; and another friend who has adopted and continue to foster children who are continously removed from their homes. My only wish was to extend a plea to others to choose life over abortion. I have seen family and friends choose abortion over life, and the lifetime of pain or regret that they feel over the loss of that fetus is just not worth the abortion.

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