Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Encounter with Hell

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When I’m scared it is because my fears are realized.  However, there are many reasons why we are scared and many more reasons why we have fear.  To be afraid of something that is tangent is said to have rational fear.  To be afraid of something that is non-existent is called irrational fear.  Then, what would happen when irrational fear becomes rational?  Should I still be scared or committed for paranoid delusions?

Encounter with Hell  is a real life account of Alexis McQuillan’s experiences with a demon on one of her ghost hunting adventures.  Just like so many people, Alexis did not believe in demons until one day she came face-to-face with his demonic powers.  She shares her terrifying moments of the evil that invaded her life, and dives deep within her own faith to pull herself out of the torments from hell.  Psychological and spiritual warfare at its best, Alexis continues to educate and warn others about the dangers that lurk by “poking a stick” at a demon.

This book left me wondering if the irrational were in fact rational, then the fear that I would feel would indeed energize an evil entity that has become clearly tangent.  I, just like Alexis, am the skeptic, but deep down inside of me (maybe it’s because of my strong Christian background) I know that there is some inkling of truth to this story. 

There is, however, one thought that is most troubling to me.  Today, churches are diminishing at a rapid rate and many people are walking away from their faith.  It scares the hell out of me to think that these very people deny the existence of God, but are quick to look for the existence of demons.  The very entities that can harm, whether directly or indirectly, are the hype of today while God (in his many glorious forms) is denied the love and protection that he offers humans to overcome this spiritual warfare.

Often times we give demons too much credit for our daily troubles, and sometimes we do not give them enough credit.  We hardly ever think of the higher power; the light, which shines love and guidance in our lives.  Whether it is God, Jesus, Goddess, or the Universe, there is a higher power that calls to us and wants us to seek everlasting peace.  I know that deep down in each and every single one of us, we seek that peace among the chaos that is our world, whether it is tangible or not.  Without that peace, we allow the “demons” of our lives to take over.  Alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual addiction, abuse, neglect, mental health issues, bingeing and purging are just a few of the “demons” we allow to control our lives.

Whether you believe in demons or not, take a moment to read this book.  It is insightful and deeply thought-provoking.  A great read for the time of year where everything frightful becomes all the rage, and it might scare the wits out of you!