Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Bubbles, Bubbles

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Lately, I have been babysitting my youngest nephew.  He will be in his terrible two’s next month, but I believe he has hit a growth spurt and is already there.  In caring for this child, we watch his favorite TV shows, play with his toys, and read his books.  He has become a big helper and talks to me frequently.

In my year of reading, I had failed to grasp the concept that reading a children’s book also counts toward my goal in reading for 2012.  It had also occurred to me that my nephew rarely allows me to finish a book; until two days ago. 

It was a simple cardboard book featuring the gang from Sesame Street as babies themselves.  Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie, and Elmo were lathered up in suds with a towel, soap, and yes, even the rubber ducky.  These four characters engaged my nephew with bath time fun, and they counted, too!

Bubbles, Bubbles has bright colorful pictures, simple rhyming, and it is an excellent learning tool.  It engaged young children by counting the bubbles.  There were lots of bubbles on each page to count, and the repetition effectively teaches children how to count. 

I recommend this book for parents and daycare specialists with young children.  Counting the bubbles on each page will allow a child to pause with you long enough to count before he becomes eager to turn the next page.  It was so much fun, that my nephew would make me read to him over and over, again.  I just wish that I could include the repetitious reads as additional books toward my goal!