Year In Reading (Book Reviews)


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Imagine a life of no electricity?  Would we survive?  Proven for thousands of years before the invention of the light bulb, the answer is undoubtedly, yes.  Man has survived and prevailed!

Mark Lewellyn lived an easy life.  He was carefully chosen as a suitable husband by his wife looking toward a lifetime of wealth.  Mark worked from home and spent much of his free-time enjoying a luxurious lifestyle; complete with lounging in a recliner in his crisp white jogging suit while watching his favorite sports broadcast.  Until one day, a lightening strike uprooted this overweight man from his modern day conveniences to a pre-historic America.  Equipped with very little survival skills, Mark is driven by instinct (and a stellar swing of a few rocks at hand) to survive wild animals, freak storms, starvation, and rogue Indians.  Eventually, he stumbles upon a man from a peaceful tribe of hunters and gatherers in which Mark learns the value of manual labor.

A unique read, Robert Steele Gray transports the reader through time where modern day conveniences no longer exist.  Survivor is not for the light of heart.  The gruesome detail of the kill to bring food and hides to their families is enough to make one’s stomach churn.  This book will keep the reader in suspense when Mark discovers a much greater threat than wild animals.

Survivor is a recommended read for those who enjoy the gore found in Dean Koontz and Stephen King novels.  Historical novel lovers will especially enjoy the details Mr. Gray incorporated into this book, and rediscover a land unblemished by the “civilized” man.