Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

The Wednesday Letters

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Matthew, Malcolm, and Samantha are brought together by the death of both of their parents.  Jack and Laurel Cooper die in each other’s arms leaving behind a legacy for their children to discover.  While organizing the paperwork of their parents’ estate, they discover Jack’s letters to his wife.  He had written them every Wednesday of their marriage, and soon the children find themselves in the midst of a family secret that will change their lives.

The Wednesday Letters was a humorous, easy read and difficult to put down.  Jason F. Wright tugged at the heart strings as a reader can relate to the relationship among the siblings.  The rivalry, and joking, added a comical flair amidst their darkest hours.  However, I felt that there was not enough focus on the feelings of the middle child.  Malcolm became the center of the family secret and essentially the purpose of this novel.  I was able to get to know Malcolm in the beginning, but as the novel progressed, and the secret came out, it was as if I was cut off from Malcolm’s feelings completely; leaving me feeling detached and disoriented.

Aside from the apparent “disconnect”, this book will lighten the heart and give the reader much thought about love and forgiveness.  An excellent read in which I recommend for readers of all ages.