The Writer's Life

2012 Year End in Reading

As I look out my window upon the snow-covered trees this New Year’s Day of 2013, I look back on the year 2012 and ask myself, “What happened?”

I had goals and dreams to accomplish, but now they seem so far away. My plans fell by the wayside. My goals were brushed away like a strand of hair tickling my nose, and my dreams were tucked on a shelf where they collected dust.

I started 2012 with the intention of reading 50 books in one year. I thought it would be a piece of cake since I am a bookaholic! Then, a family crisis occurred, which had averted my attention, leaving me obsessing about the family members involved, the past hurts, and the outcome that would inevitably happen. I tried to read, but my distracted mind would not allow me to retain the story.

In the meantime, my husband gained a full-time job, which would free up my writing time. So I made another goal to write in my blog more. I tried to write, but my family circumstances kept creeping into my work. Thoughts of my family would bombard even my meditations.

Finishing my novel this year was another goal I had set for myself. However, gaining custody of two teenagers demanded more of my time than I was used to. And, since I had planned to finish my book, I wanted to narrow down the agents I had intended to send query letters. Unfortunately, that was a near impossibility. I couldn’t get over my fear of weeding through the numerous candidates in hopes of finding an agent I would trust.

The year 2012 was not a complete loss for the literary realm. I did manage to push past 50,000 words in my novel. It was the original goal set when I began writing it during NaNoWriMo in November 2010. I also managed to read a total of 14 books last year. (That is 13 more than my husband!) And I finally accomplished my fear of searching for agents when I received my Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas. In one night, I narrowed the agents I would like to ask for representation down to my top 10 list. During the process, I also learned that I must have a completed, critiqued, and edited novel before querying any agent.

Now, I look to 2013 and wonder what goals I should set and if I should even attempt to set them. But, of course, I should! Goals give us a purpose, a reason to wake up each morning. Without my dreams, I would have nothing to look forward to, nothing to accomplish, and nothing to show for success.

Now that my thoughts are settled and not focused on other things, my blog will no longer need to suffer. I will continue my Year In Reading. Each year, I plan to increase the number of books I read. Since I still needed to reach my goal last year, it will remain the same; 50 books by the end of 2013. I hope to finish reading the eight books currently sitting on my nightstand, accumulating dust. In addition, I have acquired some fascinating books that I cannot wait to dive my nose into, including a few recommendations from my Facebook friends. 

Next, I will continue with Journeys Through Meditation. There are many different types of mediation, and each has a valuable lesson I would like to share with the world.

Then, there is The Writer’s Life. A place where I can communicate with you about the lessons I learn along my way to publication and success.

Finally, Diary of a Fat Girl will commence. After all, it is the New Year, and many people will be seeking inspirational support online as they try to reach their goals for 2013. I, for one, am reluctant about being obsessed with dieting and exercise again. But, my husband’s health insurance prescribes exercise so that we can reduce our monthly premium. How’s that for motivation!?

My goal to finish Grandfather’s Whispers remains steady and true. With only 13,477 more words to go, I am eagerly awaiting the day for critiquing. I want to hear what others think. My hope is that they will be just as excited about this book as I am and that I will receive valuable advice to create the masterpiece that I have dreamed about for some time.

In the meantime, feel free to look around and enjoy some of my previous works. Maybe I, too, can help inspire some of your goals for 2013. And if you have any questions or suggestions or want to connect, e-mail me, and I will answer. So, together, let’s make 2013 the year we finally accomplished those goals.