Year In Reading (Book Reviews)


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Heartsinger is about a man who was raised by deaf parents.  His father had died while he was a young boy.  Mee was in constant search to replace the radiant smile on his mother’s face that only his father could give, and was deeply disappointed when he could not succeed.  In his distress, he became the singer of sorrows to travel the land and sing at funerals.

Mitou’s parents despised each other.  They lived out their days yelling the harshest of profanities while Mitou could not escape the “ugly words.”  She was conceived in anger and bitterness, and all she wanted to do was make the world sing and dance.  Mitou’s musicality was highly sought after to lift the spirits of many broken hearts.

Mee and Mitou were born on the same day but lived on opposite sides of the land.  They began their journeys for different reasons.  Both, gifted in their own way, would come together to help the princess of the land overcome her affliction; only, then, to discover their own love for each other.

Heartsinger read like Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  A Scholastic book, it was an easy read and a beautifully written novel for any child to understand.  Karlijn Stoffels took the reader to a world where sorrow and pain existed only to discover that joy and love truly resides in every human being’s soul.  Her artistic use of the English Language made one feel like a part of a never-ending fairy tale.  A great read for anyone who enjoys fairy tales.