Diary of a Fat Girl

Get Up and Try, Try, Try!

Day 54

Weight:  260 lbs.

My husband’s health insurance has a new policy to help people attain a healthy lifestyle.  With the effort to save over $700 in premiums this year, we agreed to one of many options offered in their new health program.  There are many reasons in which I don’t support this kind of intrusion in our lives, but one monetary reason is enough to make this budget-conscious family sign up.

In the attempt to help my husband with his new goal of walking 10,000 steps a day, I started walking on the treadmill today.  It has been a long time since I last used it.  I had to wipe off about an inch of dust prior to use and suffer through tuning-up the machine.  Armed with my new MP3 player and listening to P!nk’s new album The Truth About Love, I was ready to go.  I walked a steep incline and managed a half of a mile for 15 minutes.  I was overheated and out of breath.  (Note to self:  turn down the heat before exercising.)


Normally, I will finish listening to (and sometimes repeating) any of P!nk’s music.  However, I was so out of shape from slacking off with my exercises that I breathed a quick apology to P!nk and cut her off.  (Right about now, I can see her flip me off, but that’s okay.  I will forgive her.)

In the meantime, I had discovered an awesome tune called “Try.”  Granted P!nk was singing about a relationship in this song, but the mantra remains the same in any situation… “You gotta get up and try, try, try.”  I had some failures in the past to reach my goals with weight loss, but this doesn’t stop me.  Not now.

The year 2013 will now be the year of getting back up on my feet and try, try, try.  This will be my success.

Thank you, P!nk!