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Don’t Breathe A Word

Don't Breathe A Word

Phoebe was frightened of the Shadow entering her room, and as an adult, she finds herself tucking suitcases and boxes under her bed to prevent the “Dark Man” from entering through an open door.  She enters a world where a twelve year-old girl disappears, and the only evidence found was stories from the local children about a Fairy King and a six-fingered glove.

Years later, Phoebe finds herself in love with the brother of the missing girl.  Sam does not speak much about his sister, and Phoebe is determined to get him to open up about the day Lisa went missing.  In the process, she discovers dark family secrets that make her run to protect those she loves.

Jennifer McMahon takes the reader to a world with childhood wonder and mixes it with perverse reality.  Her easy-to-read writing style dives the reader into suspense while sparking their curiosity.  Caution to those who have a weak heart for abused children.  Don’t Breathe a Word is from a child’s point of view and is not light on the horrors that face every mother’s worst nightmare.  However, it is a recommended read to those who like suspense and the mystical realm.