Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

For Her Pleasure by Maya Banks


Kit Townsend is a spirited woman who came into trouble while her two buddies, Ryder and Mac, were out of town.  Vowing to never leave her side, Mac and Ryder agreed to protect Kit at all times, even in the bedroom.  Kit is not one who follows the rules, and she soon finds herself falling in love with both of her best friends.

In the meantime, Mia Nichols has a little trouble of her own.  She finds employment with a strip club to stay out of jail.  However, she is unaware of how sinister her boss can be.  Jack Kincaid, Mia’s protector and one-time lover, finds her just in time to bust a ring of criminals.

Maya Banks has a unique writing style by combining romance with erotica; essentially creating a thirst for the reader to want more.  For Her Pleasure takes the reader beyond the typical romance novel and into a world of modern passion; ultimately, giving the reader an intriguing story line.  An A+ recommendation for those stuck in the romance novel rut seeking more.  For Her Pleasure is a genius combination that only Maya Banks could conceive.