Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

David Shannon’s No, David!


How many times have I enjoyed this book?  Hundreds? Thousands?  I don’t remember anymore.  My now 14 year-old nephew enjoyed this book when he was three.  His 12 year-old brother was about the same age when he started to read this book with me.  Now their youngest brother will be turning three this year, and I have the joy of sharing No, David! with him.

This picture book takes the reader through all the things little boys do to get into trouble with their mothers.  There are even a couple of drawings that will insight giggles and sheer hysterics from the engaging child.  Just when the reader thinks that there is no hope for poor David, a gesture and sentiment is shared at the end of the book giving the reader hope that David’s mother will always love him no matter what.

No, David! is a recommended read for parents with young children.  It teaches children the unconditional love their parents have for them; even when they misbehave.