Journeys Through Meditation

Being the Best Parent That I Can Be

Photo courtesy of Ron Dove

“Parenting is the most difficult and important job on the planet.  Try this meditation to help you visualize how to be a better parent.” – The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding

Shortly after my husband received custody of his daughters, I realized that I was going to be a full-time parent.  This excited me and scared me all at once.  I was quite grateful to come across this meditation and was determined to see it through.

In the Best Parent meditation, I was to focus on the desire to be the best parent possible to my step-daughters.  However, all I could do was pray.  I closed my eyes and prayed to God for help in guidance.  I prayed for the girls, and to help me be emotionally supportive to them; to help them learn and grow.  And, I prayed that he would guide and protect our family from all harm.

Several months have passed since I did this meditation, and I have felt God’s guidance every step of the way.  Each girl has grown in their own unique ways.  We still struggle through their teen years, as any other parent would.  But, we are managing to do our best to guide and support these girls.

This meditation is an excellent way for parents to trust in a higher power to guide and protect their families.  Meditating and praying, reading and researching, and seeking help from others more experienced than me has opened many doors for continuous improvement in my parenting skills.  And, I trust that one day, through our determination, these girls will succeed in their hopes and dreams and become the self-sustaining adults that we are raising them up to be.