Journeys Through Meditation

Gazing at the Stars

Photo courtesy of Ron Dove

“Submit to the moment and feel a part of the cosmos, and everything and everyone in it.”  – The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding

I was not into meditating when I sat outside to begin my star-gazing meditation.  But, the cool night air was refreshing and enticing.  Searching for peace and quiet, I had waited until 1:30 a.m. to do this meditation.  I was hoping that my neighbors would either be in bed or working so that I could have a peaceful meditation, but I was wrong.

My newest neighbor to the North was outside conversing quietly while one of his buddies was doing tricks on his skateboard.  Then, in the distant, another explosion sounded in celebration of Michigan’s newest law (or lack thereof) on fireworks.  There was so much noise, but despite these distractions I was able to gaze into the night sky.  I did not see any shooting stars, but I did get a view of an airplane or two flying overhead.

It amazes me as to how big our Universe is when I take even the briefest of moments to gaze into that vast sky.  We are just a tiny speck on the smallest dust ball upon a clover.


My worries and fears are still here, but I feel a bit more relaxed.  I don’t know why or how meditation does it, but staring up into the stars brings me instant comfort and relaxation!