Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Anne Rice’s The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty


In the past, I have heard about The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty but was unsure if I wanted to tackle Anne Rice’s version of this old fairy tale.  Her reputation with vampires, and my most recent encounter with The Witching Hour, had sealed my dislike for her imagination.  However, I could not get over her eloquent writing style and ability to draw the reader in.  I may not like her stories, but I love the way she writes; so much, in fact, that I know I will continue to seek out another book of hers in the future.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty has sexually explicit material laced with hardcore BDSM.  It is not for the lighthearted, and it left me feeling… unsettled.  I could not understand why Beauty would want to be humiliated and dominated by her prince, or even why anyone would be willing to submit to this kind of torture.  Maybe it is my own dominate nature that has me in conflict with Beauty’s character.  But, I was curious as to where this book would lead me.  Thus, my path was to a most disturbing ending.

After finishing the first book of this trilogy, I am contemplating moving on to the subsequent books.  However, Anne Rice’s writing style intrigues me, and her take on the Sleeping Beauty story has stroked my curiosity.  I would recommend this book for those who love Anne Rice’s books and may enjoy the BDSM nature of this trilogy.  Otherwise, move on to something that is not as… unsettling.