Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Mark Marshall’s Imagine Me A Pirate!


My goal this year is to read 50 books; which include all genres without reservations.  In the last month, I have been offering childcare services to my sister while she works, and my youngest nephew is at the age where he can appreciate books.  He will clumsily hold a book in his chubby little hands and run to me saying, “Book! Book!”  Eagerly letting me know that he would like me to read to him; continuously.

I don’t mind it.  I enjoy reading children’s books out loud.  Making silly voices and funny faces captivates them.  And, each book I read teaches them core values within the written words.  I imagine there will be many more children’s books to read from here on out.

With that said, in one sitting, we had managed to read through 10 books from beginning to end.  Albeit, we thumbed through about 15 of them, but only 10 were worthy enough to settle down this two-year old for some cuddly time with his Aunt Stacy.  Due to this exchange of love and affection, my next 10 book reviews will be of children’s books.

Imagine Me A Pirate! is one of my favorite books.  I purchased it one year as a gift to my nephew in hopes that he would eventually be able to enjoy this book.  And, he does!  He lugs it around like it is his own treasure chest.  There are so many different things in this book that one can point to and teach him the words that belong to each object.  It has bold colors that capture the child’s eyes, easy rhyming to engage his ears, and it encourages his imagination!

Imagine Me A Pirate! is a funny and engaging read.  There will be many more story times with this book in the future.  It’s not only a treasure for my nephew, but it will forever be a treasure in my heart.