Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Sarah Addison Allen’s Lost Lake

Lost Lake

Kate’s husband passed away a year ago.  After her period of grief, she decides to take back control of her life and begin anew.  While packing to leave the home they once shared, her daughter finds a postcard of Lost Lake, and it sparks memories; giving Kate a strong desire to visit.

Upon their arrival, Kate’s Aunt Eby announces that she is selling the property.  Years of neglect and lack of visitors to the summer cottages have created financial distress for Eby.  She is now faced with a yearning to leave her beloved home and travel, once again.

Lost Lake brings together people in a way that they never imagined; a mute French cook determined not to break another’s heart, a striking divorcee steadfast in keeping friends at a distance, and an alligator seeking to ease his brother’s pain.  It rekindles happy summer memories of old flames and gives the reader hope after loss.

The magic that Sarah Addison Allen spins within the pages of her book captures that moment in time where one is able to move on from their grief and rediscover friendship, hope, and new love.  This book is an ideal retreat to park your bags and relax.  You will be cast under Sarah’s spell as she draws you into a world full of hope and potential.  Lost Lake is an enchantment that makes me feel happy!