Journeys Through Meditation

Tastefully Delicious

“We not only have fast food, we have fast eating!  Try slowing down to experience mindfully and taste your food.”  – The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding

This meditation exercise allowed me to slow down while eating my food. It taught me to pay attention to each bite of food, and I had to ask myself how it tasted.

Preparing a somewhat healthy lunch for this meditation, I reheated the leftover Julienne Potatoes from last night (the one where I added the extra cheese). I included a side of broccoli with an apple, peanut butter, and a cup of green tea. I took my first bite and received a disturbing sensation of salt with a slight hint of butter.

My second bite included broccoli to help balance the excessive salty taste. The potatoes are my favorite, and I typically gobble them down. I was surprised by how salty it tasted; slowing my eating helped me see that.

The juices that soared from the apple and broccoli were like taking a sip from a refreshing spring. It was as if my body was screaming at me. It was hungry for more fruits and vegetables, and I had been starving it. I wanted more!

I found myself rushing to eat more, and I had to stop and drop the fork so I could slowly finish my mouthful, giving myself time to savor each morsel. The green tea, of course, was bitter, as usual. But I have been drinking green tea without sweeteners for a long time. And I am used to the bitter taste.

My biggest impression from this experience was that first bite. It was so delicious that it’s a wonder we don’t savor it more often. But, ironically, our bodies demand more of the pleasing sensation, and we rush to fill the craving that the first bite created. Mindful eating allows us to slow down and savor each and every morsel. When we are full, we are finished. There is no need to scrap the last bit of food off your plate. Your stomach will let you know when you are full because you allow time to digest and gauge how much more food you need.

Mindful eating is necessary for those seeking to lose weight or eat healthily. You will eat less and seek healthier meals for that next taste explosion!