Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars


Hazel Grace Lancaster is a sixteen year old medical miracle.  Her death was delayed by a drug that slowed the growth of the cancerous tumors which had taken residence in her lungs.  Since she is terminal, death is inevitable.  And, Hazel’s mother forces her into a cancer kids support group to help her overcome depression and learn how to live her life.

It is within this support group, led by the nutless Patrick and situated in the Literal Heart of Jesus, that Hazel meets Augustus Waters; a seventeen year old Osteosarcoma amputee and former basketball star.

In this tragic love story, we learn the struggles and the perks that cancer kids are faced with each day.  We also learn about the unintended consequential effects that cancer has on the families who love them.  And, we are reminded of what it is like to fall in love for the first time.

John Green delivers a story of remarkable insight laced with humorous antidotes.  This predictable tale of love and loss reaches down in one’s soul and touches the rawest of emotions.  It is a must read for all ages, and it will give the reader a greater appreciation for the one life we all must live.