Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Joan Lowery Nixon’s The Séance


Sara was a troubled youth.  Her mother released her to State custody and she came to live with Lauren’s Aunt.  Lauren never liked Sara since the day she moved in.  However, when Sara went missing at a séance Lauren was reluctant to attend, everyone turned to Lauren for information about Sara’s life before her disappearance; information that Lauren didn’t have.

Then, Sara’s body turned up and another girl from the séance is found murdered.  And, Lauren fears that she is next.

This quick read was made for teens.  Joan Lowery Nixon drew her audience in and captivated them with a story of murder and mystery and a dash of mysticism.  It is a who-dun-it that will shock you to the core.   The Séance is a great read for the younger generation, and will keep them in suspense until the very last page.