Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Another Adventure with Garden Spells


Have you ever had so much change in your life that you needed something constant to feel comfortable?  Or, are you in a permanent rut and need a little change to shake things up?

Last year was all about changes.  I had my dedication to writing, my husband began college, and I accepted a full-time job while maintaining my own business.  In addition, I am raising teenagers that would suck out any energy I may have had left over.

At the end of the day, I was exhausted.  When I would reach for my book as I settled in my bed I would feel the sheer weight of it envelope my existence.  My eyes would close in the middle of a paragraph, and I would sleep until morning; forgetting what I had read.  This resulted in many unfinished novels last year.

By the end of the year, I had decided to close my business so I could spend the rest of my free time focused on my passion; writing.  I had come up with an idea to use this year as my year of favorites; starting with my blog category, Year in Reading.  I will be rereading some of my favorite books and picking up new books from my favorite authors.  One of my favorite authors just released her newest book, and I am excited to dive right in!

Sarah Addison Allen released First Frost, which is a follow-up to Garden Spells.  And, I highly anticipate picking it up this weekend.  But, before I could, I needed a reminder in the history of the Waverly Sisters and spent this week rereading Garden Spells.

Claire Waverly is set in her ways.  She likes things that are permanent, and her life is in a constant routine.  Until one day, her long-lost sister, Sydney Waverly, arrives at her doorstep with daughter Bay.  Upon her sister’s arrival, unwanted changes begin for Claire, and it starts with Tyler Hughes, her new neighbor.  Claire’s world begins to turn upside down as she tries to decode her sister’s secrets and avoid her neighbor’s affections.  To further complicate matters, the unruly apple tree in the Waverly Garden is seeking attention by throwing its apples.

Garden Spells is my all-time favorite book.  I picked it up when I was looking for a new story to read from a new author on its first publication run.  It is dipped in southern magic and sprinkled with laughter, love, and joy.  It is a great read any time of year, and the reader will feel like a bit of magic has touched their hearts, too.