Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Sarah Addison Allen’s First Frost


Here we are, back with the Waverly family and their enchanted lives!

The story continues from Garden Spells to First Frost as members of the Waverly clan, albeit a few years older with new additions, anticipate their first frost of the season in their Southern home.

Claire Waverly chucked her catering business to bank on the profits of making candy.  Sydney Waverly is feeling the pains of infertility as she has become settled in her home town, and her daughter, Bay, knows exactly where she belongs, but her peers are not making it easy for her.  In addition, a stranger arrives in Bascom, North Carolina.  This surprising visitor has an agenda that will kink up the Waverly women’s already frayed nerves while they wait for an unusual blossoming of the notorious apple tree.

I cannot say enough good things about Sarah Addison Allen and her books.  She has a unique balance of magic and Southern charm that will give the reader a dash of hope and a sprinkle of joy.  I am eager to read her next book (with a not-so-subtle suggestion of a third Waverly read for the future).  At least, this is my hope!