Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Frank Peretti’s The Oath


Steve Benson is a wildlife biologist who learned of his brother’s gruesome fate among the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  Now, he is out for the hunt of a grizzly bear blamed for his brother’s death.  And, Deputy Tracy Ellis will lead him to the town of Hyde Valley and its sinister secrets.

Steve discovers that there is an unspeakable beast hidden in the old town of Hyde Valley.  It is able to hook its claws into your heart and pull you to your death, and the townspeople are willing to die to protect such a creature.  However, Steve’s curiosity of an unknown being in the biological world drives him into a realm beyond his scientific knowledge and a realization of power beyond the physical plan.

Frank Peretti’s ability to suck you into a horror novel is comparable to that of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.  This driving read keeps you on your toes and your heart pumping as you turn page after page.  The Oath is a great read for those who enjoy stories of murder and mayhem in a small town where sin prevails.