Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Lurlene McDaniel’s Too Young To Die


Melissa Austin is a sixteen year old girl looking forward to the last two years of high school.  She has studied hard in hopes to score high on her PSATs.  Eligibility for a Merit Scholarship would insure Melissa could attend a college of her choice and become the lawyer of her dreams.  But, the bruises on her legs threaten everything when a concerned teacher pulls her out of study hall.

Lessons in life, love, and dying are something Melissa could never learn from a book.  With the support of her family, close friend, and the handsome Ricter Davis, Melissa copes with her diagnosis and finds an inner strength that she never knew she had.

Lurlene McDaniel drew the reader in; giving teenage drama to a devastating disease.  Too Young To Die is a good read for ages 10 and up.  It offers insight on the emotions of a sick child, and it gives the reader a sense of reality when it comes to death and dying.