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The Giving Family

In previous years, our family participated in our own twist on the Advent Calendar. I had spent countless hours pouring over many words to create riddles that only our immediate family members could solve. Within each answer of the 24 riddles held a special gift or sweet treat hidden for our daughters to find. This game was met with enthusiasm from each member of our family every year.

However, the riddles got old and easier to solve.

This year our family has been blessed to move above the poverty level. We are finally able to control our bills and manage our debts. It is a heavy burden lifted from our shoulders, and we now have some wiggle room to “play” and give back.

We are a generous family, often giving where needed, even when we don’t have much. And it only makes sense to continue giving to others in need.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, our family discussed how we wanted to revamp the Advent Calendar this year. We decided that each day would have a bible verse related to loving our neighbors and giving gladly. Below the bible verse, we inserted a type of giving that all four of us had agreed upon for each day of the holiday season.

I have struggled with writing about our little adventure because there are a couple of bible verses that state to give discreetly and guard your heart against giving for praise. I am a promoter for good, and to not share our adventure seems foolish and selfish. After all, I write to inspire. If writing about our generosity could inspire others to give, then more will benefit from my gift of words. I plan to refrain from promoting how much we give or to which specific person. This should be kept between my family and the Almighty.

If, at any time, you feel led to give, give freely and willingly. Take what I share with you and incorporate it into your holiday giving and throughout the year. There are so many people who have needs, and those of us who have been blessed must provide what we can when we can.

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Happy Holidays from my family to yours!