Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Jodi Picoult’s Handle With Care


When Willow O’Keefe was born, her piercing screams tore through Charlotte’s heart as she entered the world. She was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a severe case of brittle bone disease. A simple trip and fall would crack a rib or break a femur, and even in the womb she broke a few bones. In her lifetime, Willow would break hundreds more; directly impacting the many lives around her. Charlotte, Sean, and Amelia’s worlds were turned upside down as her family did all they could to protect Willow from her injuries. Even an innocent family vacation would become a trip of chaos, pain, and suffering.

Marin Gates is an attorney whose own existence came into question when she had fallen ill. Without any real indication of what her family history was, she was unable to give her doctor an accurate account of her health. Despite growing up happy and well-adjusted in her adoptive parents care, she began a search for her birth mother. When Charlotte was introduced to Marin, Charlotte seized the opportunity to give Willow everything she ever needed for her fragile life. However, both women were unaware of how similar their lives were in their unique situations. How could a mother not want her own daughter? Would it be worth the cost of losing a loved one, a friend, or future relationship?

In this tale of one family’s daily struggles, Jodi Picoult swirls the reader into a vortex of emotions mixed with controversial issues that directly impact all involved. She clearly defines how one decision can escalate and effect others. Through the individual letters of each character, we learn their side of the story. This poignant book opens the reader’s eyes to the devastating tragedy that our choices can make. It is a great read for those who enjoy a good drama.