Tall Tale Tuesdays

Treasure Map to Adventure

The mid-afternoon sun cast its glow on mounds of blankets draped over furniture and tables.  Dust, like tiny fairies, floated among the golden rays. A quilted corner flung open, and a little boy, not much older than a toddler, jumped up onto the couch raising a soft ball high above his head.  He appeared to struggle under its weight, but the blue and white sphere was no match for this child.  Dressed in a black pirate hat with a red feather that bounced in back, the boy adjusted a patch over his left eye with a free hand and growled, “To the port bow!”… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

Treasure Map to Adventure is now in a chapbook. Wandering Through Meadows: Volume 1 includes brand-new unpublished stories you won’t find anywhere else. Wandering Through Meadows is a chapbook series of fun, fantastical, and sometimes romantic short stories. Each book contains four short stories in the genres of literary, fantasy, romance, and general fiction. In volume one, read about swashbuckling pirates and one young boy’s adventures at sea, trouble afoot among fairies and imps in one woman’s decrepit garden, how the ordinary becomes extraordinary as a sinister evil lurks, or discover a love affair nearly foiled by rain and fear. Visit my shop on Etsy to purchase your chapbook today!