Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Bend, Not Break by Ping Fu

Bamboo is considered a primitive grass, but because of its natural strength, it never breaks when wind storms hit hard.  In this true story, bamboo symbolizes the life that Ping Fu has led and survived.  She was separated from her well-educated family during China’s Cultural Revolution and forced into a camp for grooming children as soldiers.  But, her story doesn’t end there.  When she grew accustomed to the new way of life in her home country, she was deported to another land.  It was just the beginning of a life full of adversity, grit, and determination. 

Through a series of abuse, rape, and exploitation, Ping Fu shows the reader that to survive in this life, like the bamboo, one must rise above their suffering.  She takes you from captivity to freedom where the kindness of others helped cultivated a career of innovation and success.  By gaining strength to move forward, flexibility to adapt to changes, and compassion to help others, Ping survived some of the worst parts of humanity. 

Bend, Not Break is a good read for those who need encouragement and strength to move forward in their lives.  It shows that anyone can be an innovator or an entrepreneur no matter what circumstances life has thrown at them.  Tears will be shed, but you will walk away feeling motivated to do more and rise above your own adversity; just like the bamboo growing in the storm.