Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me

During the summer of 2012, beginning May 29th and ending on September 5th, I posted a new fun fact about me for 100 days.  Click on the links below to view some of the pictures attached to these fun facts!

1:  When I think of summer, my first thoughts go to camping.  It was the cheapest and easiest weekend vacation for my family when I was growing up.  I love to explore all the campgrounds, hike the nature trails, and boat along the rivers and lakes.  Currently, my favorite campground is Ludington State Park in Michigan.

2:  Did you know that my profile picture is of me holding my youngest nephew just minutes after his birth?  World meet little Scott T.

3 I have three cats.  Chekotay is the oldest at 14 years, and he was named after one of my favorite Star Trek characters.  Salem is my 4 year-old black cat, and he was a feral kitten when we rescued him before Halloween.  And, Luckydust is also a rescue and is still a kitten at 21 months!

4:  My favorite television shows are Friends and Charmed.  I disconnected my cable once so that I could purchase the entire set for each show.  Now, I have watched them so much that I can recite the dialogues; punch line and all!

5:  I have a stuffed purple lamb sitting on my dresser.  I call it“Lambie.”  It was a high school graduation gift from my grandparents.  They had remembered the original Lambie, a white musical lamb, that I once had when I was five.  I had religiously wound it up prior to falling asleep so that I could listen to the song Lullaby.  Eventually, Lambie became tattered beyond repair and quit playing its soothing music, and I remembered crying the day I had to throw it away.  Grandma promised me a new Lambie, and she never forgot her promise.

6:  Gardening with my bare hands is very enjoyable to me.  However, the gloves go on the moment I see a bug!

7:  Hoops and Yoyo makes me giggle.  Click here for a preview!

8:  I idolize P!NK.  Her ability to speak her mind has enabled me to draw strength and courage through her music.

9:  My favorite poem is Asking for Roses by Robert Frost.

10:  In my article, Spotlight on a Small Town – White Rock, features a small bait & tackle shop called Frank’s Place.  The owner’s are my grandparents.

11:  As a child, I would sneak into the refrigerator to eat cooked smelt as if it was candy.  Today, this fisherman’s daughter has an aversion towards fish.  However, I will still eat a tuna sandwich and the occasional McDonald’s fish fillet.

12:  I have two beautiful step-daughters that mean the world to me.  I love teaching them and guiding them, but most of all, I love hanging out with them.  They inspired me to write a lovely poem about them called Butterfly Girls!

13:  My desk is located in front of a large window overlooking a beautiful tree.  I like to be able to look out my window and gaze into the limbs to watch the birds while I am writing.

14:  Humor is a part of my mom’s side of the family.   We like to laugh at the silliest things, tell jokes, solve riddles, and play practical jokes.  Family gatherings are always full of smiles, tears, and people doubled over from gut pain because of too much laughter!

15:  I am allergic to most perfumes.  The only scents that my nose can tolerate are the Victoria’s Secret Garden Scents collection.  Love Spell is my scent of choice!

16:  Mornings and I do not get along.  I can set my alarm for 7 or 8 in the morning, but I typically do not roll out of bed until 9 or 10.  Even then, it takes me an hour or two to shake the sleep from my eyes!

17:  I have Native American in my ancestry line.  We belong to the Lakota tribe, and I make my own dream catchers.

18:  I play Tenor Saxophone.  I also can rip a few chords on the Bass Guitar and tinker with the Piano.

19:  In my car, I will sing at the top of my lungs with my windows rolled down.  When people look at me weird, I just sing louder!

20:  As a child, while sitting on my grandparent’s beach, I use to dream about growing a tail and living underwater with all the other merfolk.

21:  I am a Gemini, and today is my birthday! (posted June 18, 2012)

22I love Indiana Jones and Mummy films.  I have a particular fascination with Egyptian artifacts.

23My husband and I married on this day in 2009 at the Goodells County Park.  It had rained the night before and flooded our ceremony site in Meadow Creek.  The clouds had opened up, again, on my guests as they waited behind the farm house minutes before the ceremony.  My wedding party and guests had to scramble to set up the ceremony in the pole barn that we had reserved for the reception minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin. 

After the ceremony, my groom and I posed for our pictures with our parents.  At that moment, the clouds had dissipated into white fluffy blobs in the sky; except for one.  It was in the shape of a heart.  It has been said among my family that if it rains on our wedding day, God is showering blessings on our union.  My grandparents were married for 41 years before my grandfather passed away, and my mother has been married to my step-father for 23 years.  And, it had rained on each of their wedding days.  Here’s to a long and happy marriage!  (posted June 20, 2012)

24:  I have a sweet tooth for chocolates.  I enjoy Ghiradelli and Godiva, but it is Hershey’s Symphony Almond Toffee that is my favorite chocolate bar.

25Ice Cream is my Achilles’ Heel.  Any flavor, any time of day or night, at any season will cure-all of my heartache and woes.

26:  I support gay rights and racism disgusts me.  I do not tolerate cruelty to others because of uniqueness and individuality, and bullying makes me sick to my stomach.  I believe the “N” word is degrading and disrespectful to all; even when it is used as a friendly gesture among peers.

27I have been to Walt Disney World twice.  My first time was my sophomore year of high school.  The Honors Band made the trip during spring break for a competition and to march in the Magic Kingdom parade.

The second trip was in 2009.  My husband and I were planning our honeymoon.  Originally, we wanted to go to New Orleans, but I told Richie that I would rather skip the honeymoon and take the girls on a family vacation to Walt Disney World, instead.  It was a blast, and well worth the smiles I captured on film of our girls in the Disney Clubhouse!

28:  I have been to Cedar Point too many times to count.  My all-time favorite ride is the Gemini!

29Arts & crafts keep me busy.  I enjoy working with crosstitch, quilting, scrapbooking, pencil drawings, digital photography, graphic design, painting, and crocheting.  The crafts seem limitless, and my brain is always thinking of another project.

30:  I have a secret stash of chocolates for those irresistible urges.  I usually keep them in my desk drawer or a box on my dresser.

31I have asymmetrical O.C.D.  Everything must be in the exact same spot where I put it.  My husband is ADHD; nothing is put back in its place or where I had left it last. Think of Monica from Friends when Chandler tried to clean the apartment for her.

32:  I look for the humor in my husband’s ADHD.  So what, if I have to throw away a brand new jar of mayo because he left it on the counter all day long instead of putting it back in the refrigerator.  It’s totally worth it when I find the remote in the freezer, or he scrambles to search for the cell phone that is in his hands!

33 I can read six or more books at a time without confusing the storyline.  I discovered that reading multiple genres is the key to keeping up this little quirk.

34:  There is a picture floating around of my brother capturing me in a fishing net.

35:  I attended my Driver’s Training class at age 16.  My teacher was ready to fail me.  I had a difficult time differentiating between my left from my right when instructed to do so, but he changed his mind and gave me my Learner’s Permit instead.  However, I did not obtain a license or start driving on my own until I turned 21.

36:  I love things that sparkle, glitter or shine!

37 “Ooooo” and “Aaaaah” often escapes my lips when I watch fireworks!

38Before the high gas prices, I use to enjoy driving my car along the country roads in Michigan.

39I currently am writing in 14 different journals.  I have one for ideas, one for dreams, one for my favorite quotes, a personal journal, and many more!

40Many of my family and friends will nod their heads in utter agreement on this one:  I have a big mouth and sometimes I say inappropriate remarks (insert foot here).  Mostly, it is because I have something pressing to say, and I am not always aware of the volume of my own voice.

41I have six siblings; one sister, one brother, two half-brothers, a half-sister, and a step-sister.  There is a rumor of twins, but that has not been confirmed.

42I have a strong spiritual background.  I was raised Baptist and explored Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic, Non-denominational, Charismatic, Wesleyan, and Presbyterian churches.   I am now Wiccan, and I enjoy participating in Buddhist meditations with my husband.

43When I was five, I cried after I watched King Kong.  And, I cried again when I watched Mighty Joe Young as a grown adult.

44I love Mexican and Italian foods.  Many of my meals include spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, tacos, enchiladas, nachos, and a periodic trip to Taco Bell!

45My mother and I enjoy mapping out our family tree.  We discovered that on my maternal grandfather’s side of the family (the one who my great-grandfather, the steel tycoon, said was “on the wrong side of the tracks” and no good for my grandmother) that we are the descendents of Lords, Ladies, Counts, and Countesses of England.  In particular, Robert “With the Beard” DeUmfreville LORD TOURS VIAN II (1030-1086)!  It is said that he was kinsman to William the Conqueror, and was given a sword and land from King William to free the land of wolves and enemies of the conquest.  Imagine that!

46Godzilla movies were my favorite to watch when I was a kid.  Since my mother had told me that Godzilla wasn’t real, I kept watching the movies over and over to try to figure out how they made the creatures so life-like, and how they could make the humans look so small!

47I like the flavor of onions, but I don’t like how they crunch inside my mouth or the bad breath they leave behind!

48One of my favorite summer memories was watching my family play baseball.  Today, it reminds me of my maternal grandfather.  Before he passed away, he played softball with the church leagues.  When I visited with my grandparents over the summer, we would all gather at the ball field while my grandfather and uncle would play ball.

49My husband and I had a blended family Handfasting for our Wedding Ceremony.

50I created the poem Mother’s Fairy Tales as a gift for my mother on Mother’s Day.  I made a card and the poem was the first thing she read.  Today is her birthday! (posted July 17, 2012)

51:  Taco Bell is my favorite fast food restaurant!

52Winter is my favorite season.  I love the way the snow sparkles and icicles glisten.  I love the crisp cool air, and the gently falling snow.  I love to make snow angels, snowmen, and snow castles.  And, I especially love curling up beside the fireplace with a warm cup of hot cocoa while watching the snow drift to the ground.  It is so peaceful and relaxing!

53My mother-in-law was the most generous woman I had known.  Many would say that she would give the shirt off her back if she could.  On this day, exactly one month after my husband and I were married, she passed away.  Much love to you in heaven, Judith Lynn Elliott (Shields)! (posted July 20, 2012)

54Voltron was once my favorite cartoon.

55:  When I was 19, I traveled to the Ukraine on a missionary trip.  My group stayed in Priluki for about two weeks, and then we toured Kiev and Amsterdam on our way home.

56When I was just five years old, I was in love with Luke Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard.

57I use to collect Garbage Pail Kids cards.  There was a small service station on the corner of the block where my elementary school stood.  Each day, after school, a group of us would linger around this store to purchase candy and trading cards with our lunch moneys.  Garbage Pal Kids were gross and disgusting, but a lot of fun to collect.

58:  My mother, sister, and I share books, and I enjoy discussing the books with them.  My mother is a fan of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.  My sister’s preference is currently Sandra Brown, and I prefer Sarah Addison Allen and Kristin Hannah!

59My cats are my kids.  They get into as much trouble (if not, more) as any other kid would.  World meet Salem, Luckydust, and Chekotay!

60:  With all the garlic running through my veins, vampires wouldn’t be caught “Dead” around me.  Sorry, sparkly dudes.  One bite and your toast!

61:  My current favorite sit-com is The Big Bang Theory.  I find Sheldon Cooper entertaining and my family gave me a Bazinga! t-shirt for my birthday!

62:  I like pickles, but cannot stand them on my hamburgers.  The flavor of the pickle is appetizing, but the mess on my chin, after they slide out of my burger when I bite down, is annoying.

63:  I hate tomatoes, but I love ketchup and spaghetti sauce.  I will even puree tomatoes for my chili!

64I created the poem Casting Away while sitting on the rocks under the Blue Water Bridges.  There was an older gentleman casting his line into the mouth of Lake Huron that day, and he reminded me of my own grandfather who owns a bait shop south of Harbor Beach, Michigan.

65:  I use to make up silly stuff on Facebook for funny conversations, or to shock my friends, until I discovered potential employers can, and will use, that against me.

“***rolls eyes***  OMG!  Really!?   Not everything you read or here is true!  ESPECIALLY on FB!  LOL” – Stacy N. Elliott

66:  I cannot drive long distances without a travel buddy.  As a child, my mother would tell me that if I fell asleep in the car when we traveled that we would be closer to our destination when I woke.  This worked!  However, since I spent much of my childhood traveling around the United States, my body had grown accustomed to the gentle sway of the car.  Like a lullaby, it gently rocks me to sleep.  Travel buddies keep me actively engaged in conversation so I don’t nod off behind the wheel after 30 minutes of driving.

67:  I have four wonderful nephews who keep me on my toes!  Joey and I share a love of music.  Devon is my football star.  Nate is my smart whiz-kid who cracks me up with his jokes and wit.  And, Scott T. makes me smile and laugh, especially when he reads to me!

68:  I love thunderstorms.  I enjoy looking out my picture windows and watching them roll in!

69:  Lonesome Dove and Disney’s Little Mermaid were my favorite movies when I was a teen.

70:  Fur Elise reminds me of a boy I use to have a crush on in the 2nd grade…and 3rd grade… and 4th grade… and 5th grade…  One never forgets their first crush!

71I enjoy attending Renaissance Fairs and Shakespearean Festivals.

72:  In the 5th grade, I was on the cheerleading squad but dropped out because I wanted to play with my best friend.  She had once attended my school but moved across town in which I rarely got to see her.  I don’t know why, but I still feel guilty about that choice.

73:  I enjoy watching my nephew’s football games.  He wants to play in the NFL one day.  If he continues to impress us like he has been, he just might!

74:  As a child, I was a tomboy.  When other children picked on my siblings, I would step in and beat them up.  Even in high school, no boy or girl would stand in my way to protect my brother and sister.  Today, I will instantly stand up for my siblings when someone else wrongs them, but I have matured beyond the fist to more passive aggressive taunts.  (Think Desperate Housewives without the illegal activity.)  ;-)

75:  My favorite movie of all time is Grease 2.  I use to imagine my “cool rider” would drive up and whisk me away from my daily worries.

76:  In high school, I won 1st and 2nd division in Michigan’s Band & Orchestra with the Honors Band and Solo & Ensemble for quartets and duets with my Tenor Saxophone.

77:  When I am at home, I don’t answer my phone.  I worked as a secretary for many years, and my main job was to answer the phone.  Now, someone else answers the phone, or I let it go to voicemail.  My close friends and family are grateful for Caller ID.  Otherwise, I would never answer their calls.

78:  When I was in the second grade, I use to walk home from school every day.  On my route home, there was a tree with a natural hole in it’s trunk that would fill up with water when it rained.  My friends told me of a legend that when one found a tree like this it was considered good luck, and an individual could make a wish when the hole filled up with water.  Otherwise, water would need to be poured over your wish if the hole was dry.  I would write my wishes on a piece of paper, fold the paper into a tiny wad, and place it inside this tree.  I would do this every week, hoping that one day my wish would come true.  However, my family moved, and I no longer walked passed that tree.  My crush remained just that; a crush.

79:  I love cookies, donuts, cakes and muffins.  However, I eat very little baked goods since the baking soda/powder that is used in these products give me heartburn.

80:  I was on Safety Patrol in the 5th grade.  At the end of the school year, the students who participated were rewarded with a field trip to the Detroit Tigers game.  I don’t remember who they played or which team won.  And, I burned from the sun that day.

81:  As a teen, I wrote to pen pals in Guam, Indonesia, and South Africa.  It was fun receiving letters written in the French language, and I earned an “A” for my French class.

82:  I loved Scooby-Do.  I hated Scrappy Do!

83:  I am not easily offended by gossip concerning me.  Most of it is not true and those who choose to gossip about me have nothing better to do with their time.  I know this, because (to my utter shame and disappointment) I often find myself engaged in gossip and enjoy a few tidbits here and there.

84:  I was the Vice-President of the S.A.D.D. (Students Against Drunk Driving) chapter of my high school for two years.

85:  I let my cats watch Cat T.V.  Then, I laugh at them for doing the exact same thing I do every evening!

86:  I studied the French language in high school while my other friends studied Spanish and German.  I tolerated not sharing a classroom with my friends.  Until one day, I learned that my teacher refused to teach us swear words while the other students got to learn them in a foreign tongue!

87:  Visiting museums and art galleries is one of my favorite past times.  My family regularly attends the Detroit Institute of Arts and Greenfield Village/Henry Ford Museum. 

88:  I love my friends.  I may not reach out to them as often as I should, but when I can, I just love spending time with my friends!  (Some friends may not appear in the above slideshow.  This does not mean I love them any less.  Psst… I need more pics of  my friends.  Some of you are missing from my collections.  Who wants to hang out?)

89:  I love Christmas Day.  The twinkle of the lights, softly fallen snow, tinsel, cookies baking in the oven, candy canes, music, a crackling fire, and the scent of pine gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  It did not matter how crappy the rest of the Christmas season was.  When Christmas Day came around, it was the time of year that my family would gather together and put aside their squabbles to party in peace and harmony.

90:  When I was toddler, my mom and I went to a movie theater to watch the Superman movie.  At that time, young children were considered disruptive to the movie experience and were not allowed.  But, I was looking forward to it, and Mom insisted that the theater let me in to see the movie on opening day.  She was not about to disappoint her three year-old.  She had promised the staff that I would be quiet and agreed to leave immediately if I disturbed the audience.  Apparently, I had loved the movie so much that, during the entire film, my eyes were glued to the screen.  I never made a sound or left my seat; not even for a potty break!

91:  I enjoy bird watching.  There is a large tree outside my office window where I can watch the variety of birds come in and feed from my bird feeders.  I especially love to watch the hummingbirds, blue jays, and cardinals come to visit.

92:  I love the smell of brewing coffee in the morning, but I do not like the taste of it.  I prefer the taste of a cup of tea or hot cocoa.

93:  When I was in high school, I saw The Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theater in Toronto, Ontario.  I cried as the curtain fell, but quickly hid my tears so no one else could see the compassion I felt for the Phantom.  To this day, The Phantom of the Opera remains my favorite theatrical experience.

94:  I have an uncle who is three years older than me.  We are close and share many things in common.  Our telephone conversations usually last longer than an hour… or two!

95:  I live on one of the Great Lakes and enjoy boating.  However, I do not own a boater’s license and the closest thing I have to owning a boat is the blow-up kind.  I guess I will just borrow my mother’s canoe!

96:  I like words with rhythm; such as onomatopoeia.

97:  I am against abortion, except for when pregnancy will result in the loss of a mother’s life.  To me, all babies are sacred no matter where they come from, and if the parents are unable to care for their children, there are plenty of adoptive parents ready and willing to give these children a loving home.  It would take only 9 months out of a woman’s life to carry a baby to full term; a small sacrifice so that a child may live a long and happy life, and an infertile couple could finally achieve their dream of raising a family.

98:  I support no-kill animal shelters.  My heart breaks every time I hear of a pet that needs to be put down because of over-population in the animal shelters.  These places need our support and more adoptive parents to care for and love sheltered pets.  I wish more shelters would include programs that would give these pets a second chance; programs that would move them from the over-populated shelter to a no-kill shelter or foster homes.

99:  I was a Hershey chocolate bar for Halloween in the 2nd grade.  I wore a brown turtleneck and brown pants, and my mom made the costume out of cardboard, tin foil and duct tape.

100:  In elementary school, I made my first appearance in the local newspaper… twice!  Both were class field trips.  In one class, we had built birdhouses that were placed in local farms and nature preserves.