Tall Tale Tuesdays

A Ferret Named Billy

Today, I woke up to the sun streaming in my windows. The soft glow interrupted my dreaming state at the precise moment when the Prince was about to kiss me. How terribly disappointed I was not to touch his lips with mine... CLICK TO READ MORE!

Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Little Golden Book’s The Jolly Barnyard

It’s the farmer’s birthday!  He is celebrating it with a cheerful mood and by feeding his livestock.  The barnyard animals show their appreciation by giving him milk, wool, and anything else the farmer needs. The Jolly Barnyard was not one of my favorite books.  It felt disconnected with no real purpose.  I was expecting the… Continue reading Little Golden Book’s The Jolly Barnyard

Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

P.D. Eastman’s Are You My Mother?

In this adorable little book, a baby bird is about to hatch from his egg.  Thinking that her child will be hungry once he escapes from his shell, the mother bird flies off to find food for her hatchling.  But, alas, baby bird hatches before his mother returns which unleashes a series of events for… Continue reading P.D. Eastman’s Are You My Mother?

Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

This book begins with Rachel, a Londoner who has lost her job, her boyfriend and her aunt, inheriting a home in Longhampton with rescue kennels and acres of land.  Not only did Rachel inherit everything her aunt owned, but this non-dog person also inherits Gem; Aunt Dot’s beloved dog.  As Rachel struggles to sort through… Continue reading Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

The Writer's Life

What Are You Looking Forward To This Year?

I have decided to participate in the blogging Challenge for 2011. The challenge is to write a post daily or weekly for this year and I have opted for the weekly blog. As I stare at this question, wondering my own answer, I am interrupted by the hiss and growls of my cats at play...

Diary of a Fat Girl

Grieve, Recover, and Move On!

I listen to the leaves rustle in the trees as each one slowly makes its descent to the earth; the crisp sound of leaf falling upon leaf on the forest floor...

Diary of a Fat Girl

Sugar Addiction On The Rise

I’m afraid that I may have gained weight this week. Nutrition wise, I have slipped off of the band wagon, plunged into the gravy train, and devoured an entire car of sugary sweets...