Journeys Through Meditation

The Antidote to Anger

I have been angry, lately.  It’s no surprise.  I am raising teenagers and I’m losing control... Subscriber Content Photo courtesy of Ron Dove “The Buddha recommended dealing with anger through meditation in order to become calmer, more aware of emotions and more loving towards others.”  - The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding I have been… Continue reading The Antidote to Anger

Journeys Through Meditation

Gazing at the Stars

It amazes me as to how big our Universe is when I take even the briefest of moments to gaze into that vast sky... Subscriber Content Photo courtesy of Ron Dove “Submit to the moment and feel a part of the cosmos, and everything and everyone in it.”  - The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding… Continue reading Gazing at the Stars

Journeys Through Meditation

How to Make Those Bad Thoughts Go Away

While teaching our daughters Buddhism and meditation we discovered a glitch along this journey; the bad thoughts that creep into our heads during our silence.

Journeys Through Meditation

How to Teach Your Child Buddhism

Children are amazing creatures. They learn quickly and adapt to their surroundings to create their own calm and peace. Their ability to see the world through innocent eyes is a lesson many adults could learn to incorporate in their daily living. However, children do grow up and become teenagers.

The Writer's Life

2012 Year End in Reading

Now, I look to 2013 and wonder what kind of goals I should set, and if I should even attempt to set them. Of course, I should! Goals give us a purpose; a reason to wake up each morning. Without my goals, I would have nothing to look forward to, nothing to accomplish, and nothing to show for success.

Journeys Through Meditation

The Sweetest of Dreams

For some of us, like me, it is difficult to become a creature of routine. Our brains are flooded with thoughts that rattle on non-stop; even after the lights go out...

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #49

My husband and I had a blended family Handfasting for our Wedding Ceremony.