Journeys Through Meditation

The Antidote to Anger

“The Buddha recommended dealing with anger through meditation in order to become calmer, more aware of emotions and more loving towards others.”  - The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding I have been angry, lately.  It’s no surprise.  I am raising teenagers and I’m losing control. People who know me know I like to control every… Continue reading The Antidote to Anger

Journeys Through Meditation

How to Make Those Bad Thoughts Go Away

While teaching our daughters Buddhism and meditation we discovered a glitch along this journey; the bad thoughts that creep into our heads during our silence.

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #42

I have a strong spiritual background.  I was raised Baptist and explored Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic, Non-denominational, Charismatic, Wesleyan, and Presbyterian churches.   I am now Wiccan, and I enjoy participating in Buddhist meditations with my husband.