Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #76

In high school, I won 1st and 2nd division in Michigan’s Band & Orchestra with the Honors Band and Solo & Ensemble for quartets and duets with my Tenor Saxophone.

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #27

I have been to Walt Disney World twice.  My first time was my sophomore year of high school.  The Honors Band made the trip during spring break for a competition and to march in the Magic Kingdom parade. The second trip was in 2009.  My husband and I were planning our honeymoon.  Originally, we wanted… Continue reading 100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #27

Diary of a Fat Girl

Monitoring That Sugar Intake

Determined to see a life without sugar, I decided to monitor my sugar intake. Knowing what I am capable of; if I had cut off sugar completely I would revert and give up. Therefore, monitoring my sugar intake has made me more aware of what I consume as well as how much of it I consume...