Journeys Through Meditation

Tastefully Delicious

This exercise in meditation gave me a chance to slow down while eating my food... Subscriber Content Photo courtesy of Ron Dove “We not only have fast food, we have fast eating!  Try slowing down to experience mindfully and taste your food.”  - The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding This exercise in meditation gave me… Continue reading Tastefully Delicious

Diary of a Fat Girl

Get Up and Try, Try, Try!

My husband’s health insurance has a new policy to help people attain a healthy lifestyle.  With the effort to save over $700 in premiums this year, we agreed to one of many options offered in their new health program.  There are many reasons in which I don’t support this kind of intrusion in our lives,… Continue reading Get Up and Try, Try, Try!

Diary of a Fat Girl

Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge

This week, I have joined SparkPeople, and I am thrilled to announce my participation in the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge. I have identified a long time ago that I have a problem with sugar. It is an addiction of mine. I have also detoxified from sugar and felt wonderful. I even got rid of those sugar cravings! However, just like an alcoholic, it just takes one chocolate bar and I am hooked, again...

Diary of a Fat Girl

Aging Gracefully

Since I am now seeing the signs of age, and feeling the pains that come along with it, I am more determined then ever to shed this weight. I remembered how good I had felt when I shed only thirty pounds just a year and half ago...

Diary of a Fat Girl

A Simple Gesture Can Help Depression

I have discovered that it was easy to isolate myself from those I love, and it got easier as the purse strings started to tighten even more...

Diary of a Fat Girl

The Burden of Grief and the Future of Hope

The celebration of the holidays is usually a weak spot for me. My mother, a devoted fan of my blog, chastised me for taking home a handful of chocolates after she had extended an invitation to the candy dish on Halloween night...

Diary of a Fat Girl

Monitoring That Sugar Intake

Determined to see a life without sugar, I decided to monitor my sugar intake. Knowing what I am capable of; if I had cut off sugar completely I would revert and give up. Therefore, monitoring my sugar intake has made me more aware of what I consume as well as how much of it I consume...