Year In Reading

Just Like Dad is Just Like Dad!

This is a true heart-felt story of a son following his dad around and wanting to be just like his dad.  The kid recognizes that even his own father may have some faults, but comes up with a unique way of solving the problems without losing step in growing up just like his dad. Just… Continue reading Just Like Dad is Just Like Dad!

Year In Reading

Having Fun with Animal Songs

This interactive cardboard book full of colorful characters contains four songs; Where Has My Little Dog Gone, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, Six Little Ducks, and Little Bo Peep.  There are lyrics written on each page, and each song is color-coordinated with a basic shape that you can press to play the music.  Fisher… Continue reading Having Fun with Animal Songs

The Writer's Life

My Beautiful Letters to My Beautiful Daughters!

For those mothers (and fathers) out there looking for ways to boost your daughter's self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.  Check out my newest blog inspired by A Beautiful Me; My Beautiful Letters.  It is a dedication to my step-daughters to encourage them to think positive about themselves.  Encourage your daughters as well, so that we may… Continue reading My Beautiful Letters to My Beautiful Daughters!