Year In Reading

Sarah Addison Allen’s Lost Lake

Kate’s husband passed away a year ago.  After her period of grief, she decides to take back control of her life and begin anew.  While packing to leave the home they once shared, her daughter finds a postcard of Lost Lake, and it sparks memories; giving Kate a strong desire to visit. Upon their arrival,… Continue reading Sarah Addison Allen’s Lost Lake

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #81

As a teen, I wrote to pen pals in Guam, Indonesia, and South Africa.  It was fun receiving letters written in the French language, and I earned an "A" for my French class.

Year In Reading

Rabbit Heart

I like the occasional sultry romance, and Rabbit Heart, I thought, would be one of the many that I have enjoyed in the past. After all, an English love affair among London’s high society between the 1400’s to late 1800’s has been my targeted read for years, now...